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We are a catalyst for growth, innovation, and investment in the homeland security technology sector. We bridge the gap between investors and security technology innovators.

Welcome to Mooring Partners

In over 40 years of combined advisory and investment transactional experience with security technology companies, we have seen too many firms struggle because they lacked the necessary resources to add new products or pursue new opportunities. Even worse, management teams often have no idea where to find the resources to fund these efforts.

We’ve also learned that potential investors and acquirers in the homeland security technology space need help in finding investment and acquisition targets, vetting them based on deep industry knowledge and helping to structure value- creating transactions. 

That’s where Mooring Partners can help. We bridge the gap between investors and security technology innovators. 

Through our network of professional relationships, and a proprietary database of homeland security technology transactions, we know the private equity firms, the family foundations, the VC’s, the Angel groups, and the wealthy individuals who want to invest in security technology. 

In addition, we can support client goals such as the execution of an exit strategy through an M&A transaction. And for investors seeking opportunities, we can provide expert market analysis, deal sourcing and due diligence services.


We work with CEO’s and investors in the national security and homeland security technology sectors. We have deep expertise helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of selling to government customers, including US DOD, US DHS, US TSA, US CBP, and the US Intelligence Community.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Marketing, Business Development and Sales Strategy
  • Technology Due Diligence and Scouting
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Establishing International Sales Distribution
  • M&A and Financing Support
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Talent Recruiting
  • Advisory Board Creation
  • Investor and Strategic Partner Outreach

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